How Music Row crashed Chris Young’s “Losing Sleep” video shoot

ABC/Image Group LA Chris Young’s “Losing Sleep” is currently at #3 and climbing, on its way to becoming the Grand Ole Opry member’s latest chart-topping hit.

For the song’s romantic video, Chris and his team descended on a downtown Nashville hotel — one that ended up being filled with distractions.

“We did take over the Omni!” he explains. “It was really funny, because there was like a Music Row thing going on… And so there was one shot where we’re walking down the stairs, which is like, maybe a three-second shot, but we spent… like thirty minutes. It’s just how they work.”

“And as we’re walking down the stairs,” Chris continues, “everybody kept walking by, waving at me, and they’re like, ‘Heyyy! What’s up?’ And I’m like, ‘Stop being distracting, we’re trying to shoot a video!’”

In the end, the “Losing Sleep” video came together just as planned, in spite of Chris’s Music Row friends.

“It was a really cool video to shoot,” he says. “I had a lot of fun making it. I think it captured the song really well. I mean, that’s what you’re always trying to do is either have something that kinda turns it on its ear or something that really nails it, where people go, ‘That’s what I imagined.’”

Chris’s current trek also takes its name from his hit. So far, the Murfreesboro, Tennessee native has sold out all six shows on the Losing Sleep World Tour. It resumes February 1 in Boston.

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