Eat like Dierks Bentley: Booze, salad, and a PB&J

ABC RadioA giant salad, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and lots of booze — that’s basically the Dierks Bentley road diet in a nutshell.

The “Woman, Amen” singer admits his food choices on tour are a bit unorthodox, but there is some design to his eccentric tastes.  

“My whole life revolves around energy management,” Dierks explains to People. “I have to walk on stage at 9:30 like peaking energy, which is a really weird thing because when I’m off the road, I’m usually heading towards bed at that point. It’s this crazy energy swap you have to figure out, so my eating habits aren’t really made for people who aren’t dancing around the stage like an idiot every night.”

When Dierks heads out on the Mountain High Tour in May with Brothers Osborne and LANCO, he’ll typically have a huge salad with some protein after 5:30, and then follow that with a PB&J around 8:30. He’ll chase that with “a lot of alcohol to lock in the energy boost,” he jokes.

You can tell by looking at the 42-year-old that he’s conscious of his health, something that’s reflected in the menu of his new bar on Nashville’s Lower Broadway. In addition to your typical bar food, Whiskey Row also offers both red pepper hummus and a kale and quinoa salad. Dierks says that was partially inspired by his wife, Cassidy, who’s a vegetarian.

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