Easton Corbin is definitely “A Little More Country Than That,” but he’s willing to compromise

ABC/Image Group LA With hits to his credit like “A Little More Country than That” and “Roll with It,” Easton Corbin is definitely in touch with his traditional side.

He admits it took a little bit of vision to imagine how a song like “A Girl Like You” could work for him.

“It’s funny,” Easton tells ABC Radio, “I heard this song… and I kept going back to it. It was definitely progressive, the demo…. but I kinda heard through that. I’m like, ‘There’s something really cool about this song.’ I said, ‘Man, I could take my voice and frame it, you know, my way and we can kinda marry that traditional thing with the modern thing.’ I think that’s what’s important today.”

While Easton would love to totally give in to his hardcore country urges, he says he realizes that’s not completely practical.

“You know, I’d love to record a whole record of [MerleHaggard-type songs,” he reveals, “but to be competitive, you know on radio today, you have to definitely stay current. And that’s just part of the deal.”  

It’s a deal that’s working out for Easton. “A Girl Like You” has become the sixth top-ten hit of his career. The Florida native is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming fourth studio album.

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