Devin Dawson’s “Dark Horse” drawing was designed to draw you in

Warner Music Nashville“All on Me” hitmaker Devin Dawson grew up in California, used to be in a successful rock band, and realized not long ago that he’s happier wearing all black and white.  So when it came time to create the cover art for his debut album, it’s no surprise that he decided to color outside the lines, so to speak.

“I just had this vision of doing something a little different,” Devin tells ABC Radio. “[Album covers for] new artists, country or whatever, usually [are] a picture of your face and a logo. And there’s reasons for that, because people don’t know who you are, so they need to see your face, y’know? But I wanted to do something a little different that still kind of satisfied that.”

So Devin hired a talented illustrator to draw him, and ended up with a striking image that’s part puzzle, part map of the album.

“He drew my face in the middle of it. It’s kind of like this stylized version of me,” Devin explains. “And it’s surrounded with what I call ‘nuggets’ from the record… all of those lyrics are kind of represented on this album cover.”

“So, hopefully [listeners] can see what lyric means what, from what piece of the art and how they all work together,” he adds. “Hopefully people can…dive into it and keep discovering something new every day.”  

Dark Horse is new in stores and online today, and features Devin’s breakthrough top-15 hit, “All on Me.”

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