Busy 2017 For Faribault County Sheriff’s Department

The year 2017 was a busy year for the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department as there were a total of 744 bookings into the County Jail.


The average daily population for the jail was 28 prisoners.


The jail also generated Out of County Income.  The total form Martin County was just over $158,000, about $49,000 from Freeborn County and about $35,000 from the Department of Corrections.


At the jail last year a total of 28,857 meals were served at a cost of just about $97,000.


During the year the Sheriff’s Department responded to a total of 9,636 calls, conducted 2,350 traffic stops, executed 66 search warrants and served 778 civil papers.


It was also a busy year for the County’s 911 Dispatch as there were approximately 3,600 calls to 911.  The highest volume days were Wednesdays and Saturdays.